My Fans

Knowing I have fans means so much to me. The first autograph night at Raceway 7 was truly amazing. I met so many great people. Having people tell you they believe in you sure does make you feel good.

Being able to put a smile on the faces of little kids is such an amazing experience. Having people tell me they think it’s awesome that there’s a girl racer will never leave my mind. Without my fans supporting me, I wouldn’t be the race car driver I am today. My main goal is to insprire other girls to race and not care what others think.

I’d like to say thank you to all my fans for supporting me from day one. I also, support every single one of you in anything you do. I appreciate my crew and everyone that helps me get out into the track.

Last year wasn’t the easiest for us. Not having any pit crew made it difficult. Plus, we weren’t too sure what we were doing so we were on our own. This year, we are fortunate enough to have people helping us at the garage and at the track making sure my car is ready for the next race!

Thank you to Kristy Crain-Armstrong for the idea!

My Accident in Go-Karts

In 2008, I had an accident in Go-Karts. It wasn’t anything too serious, but it scared me so much that I quit racing. I went out for my race, not expecting anything to happen but soon I would find out that I was in for the ride of my life. Not knowing how to make it stop, I just sat there screaming my head off.

The caution flag was thrown for another wreck and I realized that I couldn’t slow down. I slammed on my brakes multiple times but I had no pedal. The flagmen were yelling at me to slow down, but I couldn’t. I had aboslutely no idea what to do. Eventually I drove into the pits and a guy, we were friends with, jumped in front of me and my dad jumed at the bumper and got me stopped. I got out of my Kart crying my eyes out.

My throttle sticking scared me out of racing Go-Karts. I would still go to the races and watch. We went to Lake Erie Speedway, Raceway 7, and Erie Speedway to watch. About 3 years ago, I wanted to get back into racing. My dad, who raced, made me realize that I can’t let things like that scare me. When he raced, he had some nasty wrecks and he got right back into it. In 2015-2016, I started racing again.

Getting Back Into Racing

 In 2015, my dad bought me a dirt modified. We made it to about 2 races, but I did not race the car, my dad’s friend did. I didn’t think I was prepared. In 2016, we redid the car. We put a new body on it and made it purple and green. My first season was definitely the toughest season.

My best finish that season was 6th. I had fun racing last year, but some people weren’t so nice. Being a girl in the sport isn’t easy. I’m not saying the girls should get any kind of special treatment. We just have to work hard, just like everyone else in the sport of racing. I think it’s great that more girls are getting into a male dominant sport.

I received a lot of hate last year and I still do. All I can do is ignore them and prove them wrong. There are a lot of people who support me and I appreciate it so much. Last year we didn’t have any sponsors and this year we have 5. All I have to say about getting into racing is; it takes time! Being patient will do you all the favors. I raced at Sharon Speedway last Friday and I finished 6th. My first race last season I finished almost dead last.

I’m so glad I made the decision to get back into racing. It has made me the person I am today. I used to play softball and basketball, but I quit those and pursued racing. I am working towards gaining respect from the great racers at my home track and proving everyone, who doubts me, wrong.

How I Got Into Go-Karts

I don’t remember much about getting into gokarts. All I know is since my dad raced, I wanted to. When I was around 6 I got my first kart. Everytime I went out for a race, I got extremely nervous and I don’t know why. I always felt like I had to pee and once I got out on the track it went away.

My dad was always my biggest supporter in Go-Karts. Being one of the few girls racing Go-Karts at my home track wasn’t the easiest. Not everyone was nice to me or thought I would do good. I went out there and proved them wrong every night and won a few features as well. Winning features was defintely a challenge, there were great competitors in my class and I loved racing with them.

I raced at KarTrack in Albion, PA. That was by far my favorite track to race at. The lady who gave us our pit passes every week was one of the nicest girls I ever met. The track was well kept and the concession stand has such good food. They had great racing every weekend. I wish that track was still open today, I would go there to watch every chance I got.

I also raced at Pinehill Speedway and Goodhope Speedway. I loved traveling to these two tracks and meeting new people. But I also loved going back to see my racing family at KarTrack. You don’t realize how many people are like family to you until you really think about it. Most other racers would help you out in any way they can and that truely is the greatest part of racing.

The Tracks I Race At

I race at Eriez Speedway, located in Erie, Pennslyvania. As well as Raceway 7 which is located in Conneaut, Ohio. These two tracks are my home tracks and defintely my favorite tracks right now. They are both 30 minutes from me, so it’s not that bad of a drive.

I would like to travel to Deerfield Raceway in Deerfield, Ohio, Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, Pennslyvania. Also, I would like to return to Sharon Speedway, in Hartford, Ohio more. Sharon Speedway is my second favorite track because of how fast it is. Mercer Raceway Park is unquie for the “D” shape in their track and it would be different to race on. Deerfield Raceway is a small 1/4 mile track, it would be fun to race on such a small track.

Raceway 7 is a 7/16 mile of semi-banked clay. Eriez Speedway is not much smaller than that and is less banked. I perfer Raceway 7 over Eriez Speedway because of the banking. I have a lot of fun racing on a banked track. However, I do love racing on a small track as well. Eriez Speedway has tight racing and is fun to race on because it is smaller. Both of these tracks have their individual qualities that make them great.