The Tracks I Race At

I race at Eriez Speedway, located in Erie, Pennslyvania. As well as Raceway 7 which is located in Conneaut, Ohio. These two tracks are my home tracks and defintely my favorite tracks right now. They are both 30 minutes from me, so it’s not that bad of a drive.

I would like to travel to Deerfield Raceway in Deerfield, Ohio, Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, Pennslyvania. Also, I would like to return to Sharon Speedway, in Hartford, Ohio more. Sharon Speedway is my second favorite track because of how fast it is. Mercer Raceway Park is unquie for the “D” shape in their track and it would be different to race on. Deerfield Raceway is a small 1/4 mile track, it would be fun to race on such a small track.

Raceway 7 is a 7/16 mile of semi-banked clay. Eriez Speedway is not much smaller than that and is less banked. I perfer Raceway 7 over Eriez Speedway because of the banking. I have a lot of fun racing on a banked track. However, I do love racing on a small track as well. Eriez Speedway has tight racing and is fun to race on because it is smaller. Both of these tracks have their individual qualities that make them great.

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