My Fans

Knowing I have fans means so much to me. The first autograph night at Raceway 7 was truly amazing. I met so many great people. Having people tell you they believe in you sure does make you feel good.

Being able to put a smile on the faces of little kids is such an amazing experience. Having people tell me they think it’s awesome that there’s a girl racer will never leave my mind. Without my fans supporting me, I wouldn’t be the race car driver I am today. My main goal is to insprire other girls to race and not care what others think.

I’d like to say thank you to all my fans for supporting me from day one. I also, support every single one of you in anything you do. I appreciate my crew and everyone that helps me get out into the track.

Last year wasn’t the easiest for us. Not having any pit crew made it difficult. Plus, we weren’t too sure what we were doing so we were on our own. This year, we are fortunate enough to have people helping us at the garage and at the track making sure my car is ready for the next race!

Thank you to Kristy Crain-Armstrong for the idea!

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