How I Got Into Go-Karts

I don’t remember much about getting into gokarts. All I know is since my dad raced, I wanted to. When I was around 6 I got my first kart. Everytime I went out for a race, I got extremely nervous and I don’t know why. I always felt like I had to pee and once I got out on the track it went away.

My dad was always my biggest supporter in Go-Karts. Being one of the few girls racing Go-Karts at my home track wasn’t the easiest. Not everyone was nice to me or thought I would do good. I went out there and proved them wrong every night and won a few features as well. Winning features was defintely a challenge, there were great competitors in my class and I loved racing with them.

I raced at KarTrack in Albion, PA. That was by far my favorite track to race at. The lady who gave us our pit passes every week was one of the nicest girls I ever met. The track was well kept and the concession stand has such good food. They had great racing every weekend. I wish that track was still open today, I would go there to watch every chance I got.

I also raced at Pinehill Speedway and Goodhope Speedway. I loved traveling to these two tracks and meeting new people. But I also loved going back to see my racing family at KarTrack. You don’t realize how many people are like family to you until you really think about it. Most other racers would help you out in any way they can and that truely is the greatest part of racing.

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